Elvis Dieguez

symphonie's Chief Executive Officer (CEO), previously long-term Amazonian, ex-CTO of unybrands (a $120M+ revenue 20+ brand e-commerce seller) and former Director of Analytics & Business Insights at CustomInk (the premier e-commerce brand for custom apparel with $300M+ in revenue). I build high-performing teams in e-commerce and across technology; hire and develop team members and ensure that we make the best business decisions possible. 20 years of executive leadership and experience across every aspect of technology from data science to software development.

I have post-graduate degrees from both the University of California at Berkeley (Master's degree - Physics), from George Mason University (Master's degree - Electrical Engineering & Information Theory), and a double major from the University of Miami (Bachelor's degree - Physics & Mathematics). I regularly publish about executive leadership, technology and other topics on I contribute code to open source projects on GitHub. You can best reach me to network on LinkedIn.

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Ameet Contractor

symphonie’s Chief Operations Officer (COO), ex Chief Supply Chain Officer of unybrands (a $120M+ revenue 20+ brand e-commerce seller), and former long term Amazonian where I led major fulfillment setup and expansion initiatives in North America, India and Brazil, including launching from scratch Amazon's initial Fulfillment Center (FC) network in India and Brazil, and the first FC in Canada. Previously ex Head of Global Supply Chain at WeWork where I reduced inventory supply by $100M in less than a year. 20+ years of experience across every aspect of Supply Chain and a go-to leader for any expansion or turnaround needs.

My goal is to build the best in industry tool to help brands maximize their revenue potential.